What Makes a Diet Success Story?

Have you tried lots of diets but none have worked? Why do you still get drawn to that magazine article promising an ‘amazing toned tummy in just 3 weeks’?

The truth is that most diets are completely unrealistic. Have you ever read the statistics on diet success? It makes for pretty dismal reading. But all is not lost. You can find diet success if you know what to look for and what to avoid like the plague.

First off, any diet success story needs to be based on realistic efforts. If a diet requires a major effort or involves sacrificing your favorite treats, then it’s simply not going to last. This is nothing to feel guilty about. But it’s much better to decide at the start that a given diet will be too restrictive, rather than embarking on it and setting yourself up for failure.

Secondly, rapid weight loss is neither healthy nor is it sustainable in the long term. Countless studies have shown that when weight is lost in a slow and steady fashion, it stays off. Whereas rapid weight loss that comes about through drastic deprivation dieting ends up going straight back on. (Sometimes even more weight is gained on the rebound than was originally lost).

The answer is simple. Get back to basics. Forget strict rules and ‘off-limits’ foods. Instead, listen to what your body is saying. Take your cue from the feeling of fullness in your stomach rather than the remaining food on your plate. Learn to eat slowly and savor your food. Eliminate emotional eating and adopt the habits of ‘naturally slim’ people who make no effort but yet don’t gain excess weight. The dieting industry would have us all believe that the only way to weight loss is through restrictive diets. In fact, that is the way to a perpetual cycle of failure.

If you really want a diet success story, then you must look to diets that are designed around our basic human needs and desires. Losing weight may be your desire, but depriving yourself is not. That conflict will guarantee failure. The real diet success story is a lifestyle that incorporates healthy balances and that actually feels good to follow.

Source by Am Caffrey

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