Weight Loss – Why Diet Programs Are Endorsed By Celebrities

With so much weight loss, fitness, and diet programs available today–it is not surprising to find that some of these programs are created by celebrities. Not only are celebrities on every kind of diet imaginable, some of them seem to think they know what it takes to be an exert in the field of losing weight. A lot of us follow the lives of celebrities very closely and because of this, we become victim to their latest ploy to get us to spend our hard earn money.

Because of their loyal fans, celebrities put their names on fitness products that they claim to have helped them reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Many of these fitness products come in the form of books and DVDs which are pushed at us in the form of infomercials. Some celebrities have even come out with their very own body building supplements that they say you can use along with their miracle diet program. Suzanne Somers, Dr. Phil, Sylvester and Marilu Henner are just a few of the many celebrities who have their own diet programs.

Some diet programs are not worth your hard earn money, but the celebrities creating and advertising them are not concern with that too much. They are only interested in getting your credit card out of your wallet. They know that there are millions of over weight individuals who are in desperate need of losing weight and they are willing to try just about anything–which will help them lose those extra pounds and get in shape. Do you know why diet programs and weight loss supplements by the celebrities sell? It is simply due to the popularity of the celebrity.

Many of us see these men and women with these phenomenal bodies and immediately we start wishing we had the same look with our bodies. Some of us get so caught up on what we see on celebrities, that we do what ever we can to get the latest diet program or fitness product that they come out with. The question that many of us need to ask ourselves is this, “what happens when we find out that the product does not meet our expectations or if it was a lie all along?”

Understand this, not because a person has reached “celebrity” status in their life, means that they necessarily know what they are talking about–especially when it comes to diet and nutrition. You would think that the best advice you could buy would be from someone who is an expert and a professional in the diet and health field such as a registered dietician, or a medical doctor. You can even seek advice from experts such as someone who has studied the human body and its nutritional needs.

Just like any subject in life–it is important that before you buy any fitness, diet program, or weight loss supplement that has been created or endorsed by celebrities, you examine the credentials of the individual/s selling the product. Read the author’s biography if it is a book to see if the individual has any actual clinical experience or if they are an expert in what they are selling. Most of the celebrity diet plans available on the market today, are of the “quick fix” variety. Reason being that many individuals wanting to lose weight, want to do it quickly.

Consumers like you and me can easily be sucked into purchasing celebrity diet programs and books. This is simply because of the “name recognition” factor that they is called “branding” in the merchandising circles. You buy a product simply because you recognize the face or name of the person who is selling or who made the product. You are essentially making the purchase based solely on the image of the familiar person and not on the merits of the product. This type of buying will put money in the pockets of the celebrity but may leave you with a product that is less than you were looking for and may even harm you if the nutrition advice is not healthy for you.

When you see these men and women with their awesome looking bodies advertising diet programs, weight loss supplements, and fitness equipment, you have to understand that these guys were working and losing weight for some time before they made those infomercials. Celebrities may look fabulous, but they have what many of us don’t have–a personal staff of personal trainers, chefs and fitness coaches that helped them to look the way they do. You won’t get the same results because you simply do not have the same resources that they do.

The celebrity body is not just a product of the diet programs and books–it is a result of the professional team that celebrities have at their disposal because they have the money to employ these folks. And because you do not have that same professional team at your disposal your results from the celebrity diet programs or books will be different. Also, the celebrity is being paid to look that good, so they are really motivated to lose weight, stay trim, and healthy looking for their fans. This is one of the ways how they keep their high paying jobs and high-profile celebrity status.

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