Weight Loss – Killer Secrets of Celebrity Diets

Thin is in! Especially in Hollywood. The stars are our idols and idols have to look their best in order to remain an idol and to continue to receive that huge paycheck. But have you ever wondered how the celebrities really maintain their “awesome” bodies? Let’s look inside the killer secrets of celebrity diets and get the real scoop.

Secret #1: They “Look” Great

Celebrities are often seen and photographed hundreds of times per week, especially during awards season, so they have to “look” great at all times. But looks can be deceiving. Perfect hour glass figures and flat tummies are sometimes not the evidence of hard work in the gym, but of girdles, tape, laxatives, water pills and other types of diuretics.

Bodybuilders and fitness competitors have known for years how to “diet down” to get that sleek on-stage look. When they appear on stage, they are tanned, ripped and awesome. The big secret is they can’t maintain that look for very long. If you see one of these competitors a couple weeks after the show, they’ll look totally different. Some put on 20 pounds or more. Why? Because their bodies were totally depleted in order to “make the show.”

This is not unlike the lengths that many celebrities go to, to achieve that “red carpet” body. They can’t keep that look for long and once the cameras are focused on them for that particular show or set of events, they can “fake it” until it’s over. Then, they run and hide from the cameras while their bodies recover and try to get back to normal. So what you’re seeing is really an illusion. Is that what you want for your daily life, illusion or real long-lasting weight loss?

Secret #2: Celebrities are not Alone

Most celebrities live in a world that the general public can only dream of. Because of their hefty salaries, they can employ chefs, maids, cooks, nannies, drivers and other personnel to assist them in their daily routines, similar to the contestants on the some of the most popular bootcamp-style shows. How much healthier do you think your life would be if you didn’t have to worry about cooking all your meals, shopping for your food and managing every aspect of you and your family’s life? A whole lot healthier and less stressful, right? Exactly! So when you are running errands and feel faint from hunger, you have to find something quick, it’s usually fast food, whereas, a celebrity might just ring up the chef to bring in their healthy, pre-portioned lunch.

Secret #3: Celebrities are Paid

This is THE KILLER secret to celebrity diet success, they get paid to look beautiful and have legions of people wanting to be just like them. Sounds great, right? Well, not eating for several days (10-20) to lose weight for a movie doesn’t sound “great” to me. But that’s exactly what some celebs have done to lose weight for current movie and TV roles. Of course, all the accolades, endorsements, higher salaries and sold-out concerts make it look like it was all worth it, but that’s the celebs, what are you getting?

Not eating for several days puts your body in “starvation mode.” Sure you’ll lose weight, most people who starve themselves do, but once you start to eat, it’ll all come back. In addition, while you’re not eating, your body is feeding on your muscle to stay alive. Muscle burns fat for fuel, the less muscle you have the less fat you burn and the more fat you store.

Source by Carol Dunlop

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