Top 5 Diets That Work!

• MACROBIOTIC DIET This diet consists of food with complex carbohydrate, vegetables and natural, unprocessed food. It is low in fat, but it can give the essential fats the body needs every day. This, however, is not any fad diets. It is more of a lifestyle. Foods: soy-bean products, beans, nuts in moderation, brown rice, seeds, fruits and vegetables and fish in moderation.

• RAW FOOD DIET This diet has several health benefits including improved skin appearance, reduced risk of heart attack, better digestion, increased energy and of course, weight loss. It contains fewer saturated fat and trans fat than the typical American diet. It is rich in magnesium, fiber, potassium, folate and improved health-promoting plant chemicals named as phytochemicals. Foods: nuts, beans, seeds, sushi, meat, seared fish, fruits and vegetables

• GLYCEMIC INDEX Carbohydrate in different foods also have different behaviors in the body. The carbohydrates that produces only small fluctuation in the body’s insulin level and blood glucose are called glycemic index carbohydrates, which gives long-term health benefits such as reducing the risk of diabetes and certain heart diseases and the way to sustainable weight loss. Foods: whole grains like barley, bran and oats, chick peas, some pasta, plain yogurt, basmati rice, skimmed milk, fruits and vegetables.

• ORGANIC DIET This is also a way of life wherein it promotes good health and long life. It is not a short-term solution to weight loss like crash diets or fad diets. This diet involves eliminating fatty foods and junk foods that create toxins inside the body. It consists of natural, organic food that provides the body proper nutrition, gives a cleansing effect and contributes to the body’s healing properties. Foods: free-ranged eggs, hormone-free milk, whole grains, chicken, beef and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

• SONOMA DIET Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, this diet gives emphasis on a generous selection of food that protect the heart, boost the body’s vitality, long-term weight loss results and improved overall health. Foods: feta cheese, bell peppers, broccoli, olive oil, strawberries, whole grains, lean protein, almonds, blueberries, grapes, spinach tomatoes and wine. These diets that works perfectly with exercise can give you good health, long life and shreds the extra weight that you’ve always wanted.

Source by Trinity Tenney

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