SIN Diet: A.K.A. The Ice Cream Diet

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Notoriously known as “The Ice Cream Diet,” S.I.N. Diet uses the body’s natural survival mechanisms to “trick” it into loosing fat while being able to eat more calories.

Learn how others are losing fat now eating the foods they love. Fad diets will come and go, but results will always stay. After using S.I.N. Diet you will never need to read another fitness book. The concepts are results driven, simple and cover all body types.

No more diets that try to trick you into eating less or only having dreadful “healthier options.” This is the first book that recommends the opposite, eat more and exercise less for dramatically better results! And the results are real.

Using just one trick which is outlined in S.I.N. DIET celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman and Ronda Rousey got into remarkable shape. And this has nothing to do with their diet, supplement regimen, workout plan or genetics. You’ll be shocked to learn this one powerful and simple technique.

The things to help us shed fat are all around us and no one knows it!
1.) Secret Supplements
There is a supplement that has been scientifically proven to destroy appetite cravings and aid in long term fat loss. Doctors sell this supplement as a fat loss miracle. Whats the catch? No one knows to use it for fat loss and it’s in every single supplement store!

2.) Hidden Gems
There are common household ingredients that everyone has but never uses that turns the body lean. One you can add to your coffee to turn it into a fat burner, one to your drinks to make your body block out fat, one to your food to create thermogenesis and many more. Many people have these natural fat burners in their homes but never use them. Best of all, they make food taste better!

3.) Protein Power
There are so many protein powders that will make you gain fat instead of muscle! Don’t be fooled by the marketing. Did you know there is one unique protein that literally turns the body into a muscle making fat burning machine and it can be mixed with anything!

4.) Your New Drink
There is a supplement you can drink while you work out that scientifically increases recovery, energy and strength. Why doesn’t everyone drink this? It’s not marketed as s pre-workout, an energy drink or a as a recovery supplement. It might shock you to know what it is and how dramatic the results are!

5.) Killer Gadgets
Did you know there is a 92.4% chance you have and item in your house that is harmful and making you fat? You’ll be shocked to know what it is and how much it effects your life!

6.) Beer Belly Myth or Fact
Learn why alcohol is conducive to loosing fat and how to make it work for you. By using one simple rule you can greatly diminish the negative effects of alcohol and even learn how to use it to help burn body fat!

…And many more!

Discover the mind blowing secrets to receive optimum results with very little training giving you more time outside the gym!
Forget the 90 minute workouts you see advertised, or even the 7 minute workouts. If you want to lose fat, set aside 3 minutes…a week. It is scientifically proven that you can lose fat doing cardio for 3 minutes a week implementing one simple method.

Do you want to create dense hard muscles? What about getting your muscles bigger or getting more toned? They all require different type of techniques that are misinterpreted. This is the top reason people don’t see results in the gym!

If you don’t like weights, no worries! Do you have 2 hours to spare a month? Using a classic technique that has been forgotten in the fitness world can yield a tremendous amount of muscle with only 1 hour and 40 minutes a month. The results are shocking!

Start now and discover never before seen nutrition information that will dramatically change your life.

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