Seems Legit! Celebrity Photoshop Fails

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  1. Massive shout out to Lorde!!!! Ionly know one of her songs and I wouldn't even be aware she existed if it weren't be for South Park but what she did there is awesome!!!

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Beyonce does Photoshop her Tweets-look how she overreacted when that one Super Bowl photo was released of her 2-3 years ago, She was about to sue over that picture getting out, but it did. Then after it went viral, she still tried suing to take it down. If she's crazy like wanting to have control over which photos get out of her, she is probably just as crazy to Photoshop images used on her social media sites.

  3. tbh, does it rlly matter dat they dont/didnt tell us that they photoshopped it? like, i bet millions of other ppl wouldnt say dat they photoshopped it either and ppl use filters all the time. especialy snapchat which does alter ur face and how it looks

  4. im almost sure when your like 15-17 thats when guys parsnips are biggest so justin bieber would not look look older he would look younger, i am 16 but trust me, i know exactly what i am talking about! xx

  5. the problem isn't photoshopping. that's done all the time in EVERY magazine picture and music video. the problem is stupid people not knowing it's fake and no one looks like that. it's art. and art shouldn't be changed to make the masses happy because they can't figure out its art. so what if they're Photoshopped to be more beautiful. what's wrong with admiring and enjoying beauty even when you know its not real. nothing is wrong with that. why should they stop photoshopping beautiful people just so the masses can see "normal" or "average" people to make them feel better about themselves. it's selfish and stupid to want stars to look uglier so when you compare yourself to them you feel prettier. get over it and stop comparing yourself to other people. don't change the art.

  6. This channel clearly don't know anything about Photoshop. Most of these were probably edited on other softwares like Lightroom or even Illustrator. Oh well I can't expect more because in 2016 a fucking Snapchat filter is considered Photoshop by people.

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