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Many slimming diets and weight loss plans stipulate that you must buy certain set foods and you must not deviate from this strict list. On other diets you are severely restricted to what you can eat and are required to take expensive diet supplements. And then there are the meal replacement diets offering weight loss solutions in a liquid shake.

Strict Diet Rules

On many weight loss diets you’re provided with a vast shopping list of what foods you must eat and an equally long list of foods you cannot. These strict diet rules must be adhered to or you a doomed to failure.

Often celebrity-endorsed, these diets invariably require foods that cost the earth. The must-eat food lists are usually expensive cuts of lean meat like prime fillet steak served with mysterious sounding and expensive vegetables, smoked salmon on a bed of some glamorous salad leaves and some equally unusual and exotic fruits to follow.

These fad and celebrity diets often have a celebrity price tag that people on a tight budget find almost impossible to follow.

Diet Supplements

Added to this are the supplements you simply must take for the diet to have any chance of succeeding.

Your goal is to lose weight — not to lose money!

Expensive appetite suppressants may or may not quell any hunger pangs, but will certainly cause a huge painful empty feeling in your wallet.

Meal Replacements

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Replace a square meal with canned pink liquid!

Two liquid meals and three snack bars plus a ‘proper meal’ are recommended on this type of diet. But the meal replacements can cost far more that ‘real’ food.

You may need to weigh up the cost of this type of diet.

Lose Weight — Save Money

You want your slimming diet to be successful. You want to lose weight. But you don’t want to lose money in the process.

By following a diet plan that is rich in health giving, natural, seasonal and local produce you’re well on your way to saving money. So do yourself a favour for both your health and your wealth.

Most processed and packaged foods are nutrient poor. The natural goodness has been beaten, stripped, pummelled and processed out of them. Pumped with preservatives and additives, wrapped in plastic, boxed in cardboard and shipped from faraway lands, the foodstuffs languish on supermarket shelves until you choose to part with your money. The overpriced ‘convenience’ foods are conveniently placed to tempt you to part with your hard earned cash.

And many so called diet foods with reduced salt, reduced sugar, and reduced fat, have no reduction in price. In fact just the opposite is true, as the supermarket shelves are richly laden with over priced “diet food” that they charge a premium for.

The easiest and simplest slimming diet to follow involves no gimmicks, no fads and no crash dieting.

Increase your protein intake and increase your olive oil consumption and you’ll soon see a difference in your waistline, and your pocket too.

Because proteins in the form of meats, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs and cheese, and fats in the form of olive oil, are hunger satisfying and more filling than other foods you will feel fuller for longer.

And because you’ll be eating satisfying foods you will see miraculous results in a short amount of time, without hunger pangs.

You will never feel so hungry that you are forced to break the diet. People who eat bad diets consisting of bad carbs and bad fats constantly feel hungry, causing them to eat more, which causes them to gain more weight.

Follow these simply steps and you’ll and lose weight and save money:

  • Rid expensive junk food, tinned and plastic wrapped foods from your diet and this will save you money as well as trimming your waistline.
  • Rid bad carbs in the form of white sugar and white flour completely from your diet.
  • Increase your olive oil intake and at the same time eradicate all other fats from your diet.
  • Try as much as you can to buy the bulk of your shopping as fresh seasonal, locally grown produce. This is not just an environmentally sound lifestyle choice, but also the produce will contain more nutrients and is far cheaper.
  • Go to your local farmer’s market for fresh, seasonal foods, or better still grow your own fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat satisfying foods such as protein foods and don’t skimp on the olive oil.
  • Throw out all other oil products and use only olive oil on a plentiful, locally grown, seasonal salad or for cooking protein foods in.

Source by Graham Yates

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