Priyanka Chopra’s Shocking Workout Routine | Celebrity Sit Down | E! News

The “Quantico” star tells E! Entertainment’s Zuri Hall that she loves to eat and hates the gym. Plus, get the skinny on how she keeps her skin looking great.


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  1. well she works 25 hours a day!! Isn't it obvious that she has an AMAZING body ! Going to GYM or doing workout is not the only way to get a great body!!! She is so genuine! Her accent to me is really awesome cause it shows that she always do everything ( in good way) to keep her stay amazing and up to date! not like other people doing nothing to go on the top and criticise other for doing different thing !! She is my Idol and i love her!! PC is My QUEEN πŸ‘‘

  2. sorry but I'm sure she definitely goes to the gym so why lie about it? There is nothing wrong with working hard for your physique. Sure she is naturally like tht.

  3. there is nothing wrong about working out- just admit it- thats some Indian culture breaking out of her- like not admitting to work hard for looking good, just telling lies to seem more special

  4. I'm 29, I eat everything, I absolutely don't workout (never)Β and I'm 50kgx167cm. It's because of my metabolism! There're people who can and the ones who cannot! Get over it people! And also she doesn't stay on the sofa eating all day.. ps. If you wanna respect in your life start respecting the others because telling names with her or who else is not polite! Have a nice life

  5. JUDGEMENTAL pricks everywhere..keeping fit doesnt have to be at a gym or exercise..her active lifestyle and hectic schedule does the trick for her…so all the fucking judgmental morons here can stfu now!

  6. Overacting, too many hand gestures! She has a lot of makeup on and she works on that body! Why?! Is there a reason to be cutsie?!

  7. What the hand gesture !!!!! Too distracting . Probably she finds that a cool thing to do . Her PR should advise her . 😁

  8. All Kudos to her Success and achievement in India n Overseas!!
    But her sayin she doesnt works out and yet stays not "normally slim" but (slim in a certain way)! Seriously!!!!! guys what do u expect!! its showbiz,she has to lie!!! she is true to her bones!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    rather than discussing if she is lying or not,i wud just like to say one thing:

    If Your Pursuit of Truth Is Guided by Showbiz Business & Cinema,way to go guys!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  9. Oh my god, she is such a liar and 2 faced person. she said she works-out in an indian interview and here she is saying she doesn't do anything.

  10. Such a liar… She do workout she is 34 you can't be this fit without working at least 3 times a week any less you only eat one meal in a day….I don't like it whenever she say she doesn't workout and I am naturally skinny and also lie about her noise surgery when they start asking her about noise sharp start looking so different in the starting…

  11. i mean obviously she HAS worked out in the past, she had muscles and was shown working out in proper form in mary kom. but if she says she doesn't keep up with it day to day then i believe her. being thin is a simple matter of using up more calories than you take in, and if running around the world and being constantly on the go does that for her and she also has a good metabolism then go for it. she also said she loves food but that doesn't mean she only loves unhealthy food.

  12. umm… fuck no , she does work out like an olympian haha or doesn't eat at all … there's no way she eats food like food food and doesn't get fat

  13. I always wonder what she do to stay this way but she always say she don't work out. If she gave good metabolism after thirty it won't stay good I don't belive she don't work out for this body. Maybe she don't want don't anyone else to get that kinda body lol

  14. Why bother? You could also give a shit about your health and work out to be healthy? Not everyone that is working out is only doing it to look good, but also to feel good.

  15. why people think she is lying i eat alot (fast food,ice cream chocolate) like everything and still my body shape is prefect nd yeah i dont work out

  16. Her fake accent kills me every time I hear her talk. Why do you have to sound like an American? I feel like she is ashamed of her thick Indian accent. I'm an Indian born in the USA and its normal for me to sound American. The other thing is, she tries really hard to be like a cutie in her interviews. Just be yourself girl!!!

  17. to everyone who is hating please look up fast metabolism… I myself have lived my life eating whatever I want and still maintaining my shape… just like her, people think I am lying about not working out…. And btw she did say she works out when she puts on weight… I am not het fan, defending her… just pointing out that what she is saying does exist in real life

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