Green Coffee Bean Extracts With Natural Anti-Oxidants for Weight Loss

Natural GCA or green coffee antioxidants have been all the rage since a few U.S celebrity dietitians stressed the importance of what the chlorogenic acid present in these green beans does to your metabolism as well as how it effects the rate at which your fat stores are broken down in comparison to just a cup of coffee.

A regular cup of coffee unfortunately just consists of about 5% of the chlorogenic acid present in the green beans pre-roasted extracts.

When the beans expand and oxidize at roughly 500 degrees Fahrenheit, their dark aromatic musky form takes shape but very few natural minerals survive the process.

Chlorogenic acids which are found and extracted from other plants such as kiwis and berries don’t contain as many of the acids in green coffee beans but are still harvested for the weight loss supplement industry as a safe means to burn fat faster and breakdown fatty deposits.

Only at the start of November last year however did powerful chlorogenic supplements hit the market causing reviews from some eminent nutritionists in the celebrity arena.

How to choose the right green coffee bean extract?

Choosing the right supplement however is crucial if you’re to reap the actual benefits of this anti-oxidant.

Benefits include:

1. Lower lipid oxidation of fat in the liver:

This essentially means that if you can slow down the rate at which you break down fatty acids in this organ, where you avoid the risk of developing future ailments which may be life threatening.

2. A reduced intake in glucose:

Taking green coffee anti-oxidants restricts the amount of glucose your body digests after eating.

This is important as excess glucose especially present in rich sugar calories go straight to the fat stores and can be stubborn to break down.

3. The coffee beans chlorogenic acids also speed up the rate at which glucose is broken down:

So not only do the beans prevent glucose from entering the blood system after eating, they also increase your metabolism thus helping to shred stored fat faster.

Of 48 volunteers who partook in the San Diego clinical trials in 2012, 16 who were given a high staple dose of green coffee chlogenic acid, lost on average 10% of their body weight after 22 weeks, roughly 17lbs.

With no change to their diet or exercise schedule, these results are what have led in part to the sudden explosive popularity this new type of anti-oxidant supplement is now receiving.

Source by Richard R Michaels

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