Dieting Lies and Their Successes

Have you ever sat back and wondered why we as a people both in the United States and Europe have a weight problem? Think about it; with all these fantastic diets that claim you can lose weight in no time without having to exercise or change the way you eat. Look at all the dietary supplements and even the diets. We should be a people with a weight problem but we should be underweight not overweight.

Do not believe for one minute that the majority of these companies are really trying to help you. First and foremost they make money by you buying the item or diet book. You do not need to buy the books if you are successful but the true success stories are far and few between. Anybody can lose 10, 15, even 20 pounds but for how long. Think back to someone you know that lost a large amount of weight and how long did it last. Some times they gained even more weight than when they first started. Why?

The biggest reason is that most people put more time in buying a TV than figuring out how a diet or food works in harmony with your body. I am not talking about getting a degree in physiology or nutrition but you should understand the basics of how your body uses and needs food.

I am not talking about see the food eat the food and than the body does it’s magic. No you need to know why eating certain types of food groups are important and what they do for you. This is the problem and most advertisers know that only a small amount of people understand this and they probably do not need their product anyway. They depend on the majority of obese people not to take the time to learn what they are putting into their body and why.

The majority of companies today that put out dietary supplements are in the business because of the money and nothing else. They are not interested in finding something that works long term or even short term Do you really believe the models that you see advertising the products really got that beautiful by using their product. The Jenny Craig ads are one of the few that use celebrities that need to lose weight and even then they have has a few failures. Just recently Jenny Craig dropped a model because she gained back most of the weight. A true success story for them is their present spokesperson Valerie Bertinelli. She lost weight and so far has kept it off. Her incentive is the money and weight loss is a close second.

The FDA requires companies to submit documentation and clinical studies when they put new drugs or dietary supplements on the market. If they are going to use ingredients that were marketed before 1994 they do not have to submit anything to the FDA. That sounds reasonable except that there is no list of ingredients or products that were sold or market before the congress made this law. This law establishes some guidelines but these are only in cases where a company is coming out with new ingredients and products.. As of now not one company has filed any documentation on using a new product or ingredient. If that is the case what is all the hype? People are a creature of their environment and they are looking for the magic pill or potion that will give them a healthy good looking body without having to work for it.

It has always been said that if it is something worth having it is worth working for. Until people realize that most of the advertising and dietary supplements and even a few of the diets are basic retreads of products that didn’t work the first time these companies will continue to lie and take your money. The money involved is to great to let a few laws and truth in advertising to get into the way. Do you really believe the before and after photos of these people. Do not think for one moment that some of those photos have been retouched. The money is to great to allow the truth to get in the way so buyer beware. It is up to you to take control of your life and start learning what will make you fitter and healthier. Do not be fooled by slick advertising and great claims. Money back guarantee is great because they know that very few people are going to follow up. Do not believe the hype because it does not work for any length of time. You have to realize to get that trim body you are going to have to work at it. Dieting does not take rocket science but it will take hard work and perseverance. You need to learn the correct diet and supplements that will work with your body type and tastes and lifestyle.

Source by John Bito

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