Arachnophobes Meet Spiders

Scared Of Spiders? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Wasted Time Licensed via Warner Chappell …


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  1. Everyone I know is always saying "AH GOD I HATE SPIDERS THEY CREEP ME OUT" as I hold baby spiders, let them attach webs to my fingers, and say they're adorable. Am I weird? Probably!

  2. Um, arachnophobes? No, my sister, who has panic attacks, hyperventilates, cries and screams when she spots a small spider at home or sees a picture of one, she's a true arachnophobe. These people are just scared.

  3. I had this MASSIVE spider on my curtain once….late at night. I SCREAMED! I woke up all my family telling them to get it out now! I am literally looking over behind me right now

  4. "When we're handling spiders, we want to be as quiet as possible.."
    screams the moment she sees the spider and holds the spider
    I hope she realizes that only makes the spider just as uncomfortable as she is… but I don't think she needed to scream. -_-

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