3 Keys to a Successful Low Carb Diet Meal Plan

If you subscribe to the low carb way of eating, you may be following one of a multitude of diet plans. Atkins, South Beach, Protein Power, and Medifast among others are all there for your choosing. All of these plans have their similarities and differences, and all have their merits. There are probably thousands of dieters who have found success with each plan. What all of these diets have in common are 3 keys to a successful low carb diet meal plan: variety, low cost, and effectiveness.

Variety is the first key to a successful low carb diet meal plan. Most people can’t eat eggs and bacon day after day. Most get tired of meat if they are eating it in huge quantities day after day. Fortunately with some planning and creativity you can eat a wide variety of foods on a low carb diet. Depending on which plan you follow, you might have eggs and bacon one day, and sugar free yogurt the next. You might have a steak for dinner one night, and veggie burgers the next. You also can have a wide variety of vegetables on most low carb plans. You probably won’t be eating starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes, but you can rotate the many green vegetables out there. The key is to constantly change what you’re eating. You don’t have to eat the same foods day after day.

A low cost is the second key to a successful low carb diet meal plan. No one wants to go on a diet only to find that their food costs have tripled. No matter which low carb plan you choose, you’ll probably find that you’re food costs eventually will go down. Some plans may require you to simply buy a book, learn the guidelines of the diet, and go grocery shopping. Other plans may require you to buy a monthly supply of pre-packaged food, and supplement that with some groceries that you must purchase. Either way, you will probably find that your food costs go down because you won’t be buying alcohol in large quantities or at all, you won’t be ordering pizza every Friday night, and you won’t be going out for meals as much. You probably won’t dine out as much first to avoid temptation, and second because the best way to make sure your meals are truly low carb is to prepare them yourself.

Effectiveness is the third and what many would argue the most important key to a successful low carb diet meal plan. Why do we go on diets after all? We go on diets to lose weight and become healthier. Regardless of whether or not you believe low carb diets are safe in the long run, there is a mountain of evidence out there that they do result in weight loss. Try this simple experiment: go to your favorite search engine and type the words “low carb diet success stories” without the quotation marks. You’ll easily find countless success stories about people who have lost large amounts of weight with low carb diets.

Although their popularity has declined somewhat in recent years, low carb diets are still around, and are still being followed by a large number of people. There are quite a few low carb plans out there for prospective dieters to choose from. The best plans share the three keys to a successful low carb diet meal plan: variety, low cost, and effectiveness.

Source by Mike Hogan

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