What is the Celebrity Baby Food Diet?

The baby food diet is like most other gimmick type diets, which isn’t to say that it doesn’t work. It is very restrictive in calories. Any diet that is very restrictive in calories should show weight loss fairly quickly. Is it a long-term solution? I don’t think so. There have always been popular diets like this that are hot for a while and then they lose favor. That doesn’t mean they don’t work if you do them property – but the question is, do you want to do it or will you get bored quickly?

Basically, celebrities on the baby food diet will eat several very tiny portioned “meals” throughout the day. Baby food is generally vegetable and fruit dense so the calories are hopefully from natural sources. If it is not genetically modified or if it is organic, it’s even better. These are simply purees of fruits and vegetables with minimal spices and not much fat.

How can you DIY on the Baby Food Diet

Well, you could buy tons of little jars of baby food. Or, you can do your own baby food diet without even buying it by making your own. In addition to likely saving money, you will also be able to be more creative in your blends. Be creative with spices – this is the time to avoid fats but you can use natural or organic spices more liberally.

Simply puree organic fruits and vegetables – focus more on the vegetables as they will be more nutrient dense and generally lower in calories and put them in pre-portioned jars or small containers. This is a bit labor intensive so if you are very busy, it may make more sense to buy organic jars of pre-made food for babies. To give you an idea, some celebrities doing the diet, have 14 small purees throughout the day until dinnertime. Based on your activity, caloric needs and your body, you could adjust the number of servings.

Some ideas to mix it up are smoothies, pears with cinnamon, pureed oatmeal, beets, cauliflower and garlic, broccoli and carrots. Each evening, have a “sensible dinner”. Make of that what you will. To maintain your limited calorie intake, a very small portion of white meat chicken breast grilled with spices, no oil or a piece of fish prepared the same way as well as some vegetables also prepared without much oil seem like good options, soups that are hearty and full of nutrients are a good way to go also. Think green ingredients – kale, chard, watercress.

As with any extreme diet, you should consult your doctor to get the right plan for you.

Source by Dominique Scott

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