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  1. Video about King Diamond – heavy metal legend. Had a triple bypass surgery and are now back at his best. His vocal range were damaged before the surgery and change of diet/lifestyle but also this are back to the level of his youth. He are especially known for outstanding falsetto vocals and in recent years before he had the surgery those lacked serverally on his records and in live weren't as good as they used to be. Again – now it's just as good as it was 30 years ago!

  2. I really don't get it,
    in one of your videos, you wondered that why people give you red flags while the semi-naked lady gaga and some other celebrities' music videos get watched and liked insanely in a very short time, and now you are talking about her diet?? 
    Who is she BTW??
    Nothing !!!
    I don't mean to be rude to you Corrina, and I do watch ur beneficial videos and I used many of ur fitness tips, but that is irrational and contradictory :/

  3. Unlike those “one-size-fits-all” diets, The 3 Week Diet Manual will show you how to calculate your lean body mass vs. fat percentage and will then provide you with a specifically tailored rapid weight loss plan to suit your body type. You’ll know exactly what to eat every day, how much to eat and when to eat it. You’ll never be guessing—just follow the outline and you WILL lose weight. 
    In addition to this, you'll discover the exact foods you must eat to maximize your body’s fat burning potential and what foods you must avoid at all costs because of their ability to slow down or even stop the fat burning process.
    The Diet Manual is, quite frankly, the ultimate method for producing extremely fast fat loss results. And it doesn’t stop there. Also included in The Diet Manual is my ultimate, super-simple plan for keeping the weight you’ve lost OFF forever, while still being able to enjoy your favorite foods. This allows you to live a “normal” life without worrying about the weight coming back (you’ll love this!).

  4. Oh, hydrating doesn't mean something has hydrogen in it, it means it has hydrogen dioxide, i.e. water.
    How can coconut water have more water than water? 
    You broke chemistry!! T.T

  5. Lady Gaga is the only celebrity I dislike … She is an awful role model and she is a complete attention seeker . She also promotes eating disorders

    I remember when she said on twitter 'popstars don't eat' and also she had someone throw up on stage … a vomit artist ? Serious bullshit . I really hate her ..

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