Supermodel Diet Secrets

With bodies to be envied, many look to supermodels for dieting advice and motivation. It’s the rare person who doesn’t realize that models and other famous bodies have to work hard to keep their bodies in shape. For most of them, their bodies are their “bread and butter.” And, most supermodel diet secrets are easy to use for the average person wanting to lose weight or get in shape.

Do you feel deprived on strict diets or on a limited diet? One of the very best supermodel diet secrets is the “take a taste, not a plate” mentality. Simply put, if you’re craving a candy bar or a soda- don’t eat or drink the entire thing. Take only a simple bite or sip. Most times, this will help put your cravings back on the shelf. Many models are known for even taking empty candy wrappers in their bags to simply sniff whenever they begin craving certain candies or other snacks.

Filling up on water one of the easiest and least expensive supermodel diet secrets. Drinking a glass of water before eating a meal will help you to feel full quicker, which will help prevent you from overeating. This is a very popular method to keep weight gain down, and it’s often used by models and other celebrities, especially when they must constantly attend dinner parties, fashion events, or other high-profile functions. As an aside, water is a wonderful way to help curb cravings as well- because many people often mistake thirst for hunger.

Many supermodels use fasts or other detox diets to help them lose weight quickly, especially when they have a fashion show or photo shoot coming up quickly. Of all the supermodel diet secrets out there, this one is the most commonly use by supermodels, other celebrities and “regular people” alike. You simply don’t have to be a model or celebrity to use the same diet tricks and secrets that they do.

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