People Try Durian (The Smelliest Fruit In The World)

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  1. Durian is really jus a personal preference. It's ok if one dosen't like durian but if its comments such as "I don't understand the reason people like durian" sort of comments, its offensive as like I said – Personal.Preference. and durian is prevalent delicacy in Southeast Asia. Durian is in fact one of the unique traits of Singapore so saying overly mean things about durian is as good as an insult to the culture, the people, the country.

  2. I don't understand why these people doesn't like durians. I am Indonesian and people here all eat durians. They're really good. I think they're not used to eat this fruit

  3. People in the comment section getting offended and calling them racist because they didn't like a FRUIT from your country is ridiculous. Yes, they overreacted, but get over it. People these days getting offended by the tiniest thing. I'm Asian and I know durian can be a challenge for westerners, same as some of their foods don't suit my palette. But I'm not gonna whine like a baby about it on YouTube

  4. I'm really offended by these people. I personally love durian, I think they're really delicious. I also think that they smell great and they don't smell like a garbage can.

  5. u guys does not ate the fresh durians. Those durians were imported to your country. So it might be fermented and thus smellier than it should. Come to Asian countries and have a fresh taste of durian. Straight from the orchard. You might change your mind. Btw you guys really over react.

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