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ABC anchor Dan Harris’ on air panic attack and his lesson for you. Good Morning America’s Dan Harris sits down with Dianne Sawyer to discuss not only his …


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  1. I've had panic attacks before.  They begin with my heart racing, making me think I'm having a heart attack.  In trying to not panic to keep it from getting worse, that helps bring on a stronger panic attack, and, my heart races faster.  The only thing that keeps it from getting even worse than that is to concentrate on breathing.  I thought my heart was going to knot up and stop beating, thus, I tried to buy myself some time by breathing a lot.  Instead, it helped bring me back to sanity as my heart began to calm down.

  2. There's no reason to feel embarrassed. I bet most viewers didn't even realize that you were having a panic attack. We all get them and it's normal.

  3. I think what he's talking about is an anxiety attack. Panic attacks come out of nowhere/are not related to (consciously, anyway) thoughts going through our head. Anxiety attacks occur when you worry/obsess over something so much that you progressively get more and more worried until it acutely physically affects you. They're similar but not the same thing.

  4. That was a freak out? A melt down? I expected Zoidberg "Woo woo woo woo!" I thought I'd hear Benjy Bronk with Perez Hilton's finger up his asshole and shrieking (search for it–you won't be disappointed, other than it's audio, not video).

    That looked like a falling out from exhaustion, a checking out… certainly not freaking or melting.

  5. Dan Harris you control your own brain at the moment at the panic attack bravooo for you Open a youtube acount here you will have not problem with that we wil suport you

  6. I have panic attacks!! The worse feeling ive ever experienced!! I cant breath. All i know is ive got to get in my car. Roll down the windows! Then when im back home it starts again!! I dont know what to do!!

  7. I wish I could handle myself like this. my heart is beating out of my chest, I can't feel the air filling my lungs, my vision tunnels in, my insides are on fire, I'm shaking violently and my muscles are cramping up while I'm having a panic attack. When it's finally over, I realize that I've pulled some muscles, clawed my own skin off, and in one case pissed myself. Panic attacks are living nightmares and I live in fear every day of having my next one.

  8. Yes! I had a panic attack last week out of nowhere while giving an group presentation in my psychology class (ironic I know- especially since we were presenting on anxiety/phobia/ptsd). I wasn't nervous at ALL until I started talking them my response was just like his.

  9. This was happening to me when i was in High school recitation infront of my teacher & classmates. I was black out forget the lines of the poem. Then classmates starts laughing.. then i walk out and sat excuse i need to drink a cup of water. Then returns back its gone. I just ignore the laughter and embarrassment. What Ever the Show must go on…


  11. I had that for YEARS! Its like the emotional "reality" and "unreality" in your mind get confused,and youre stuck in panic with no answer and no way out..Therapy showed I was a people pleaser ,that could never say "NO!"..I needed to learn to set "boundries" for myself..I was in Therapy for 3 years,before I showed improvement ..

  12. I'm no news anchor, but I have panic attacks and I recognize that is what happened to him: the tremendous heat which starts about the sternum and floods your whole face till every neuron in your brain hurts and you're bloody frozen with sheer unmerited terror… If you've never had one, thank God, or the stars, or you genetics; thank whatever or whomever, because those of us who have panic attacks, I'll sum it up: your own personal Hell, when your brain attacks itself and your body so irrationally and you're completely powerless to stop it.

  13. I have severe mental illness and physical disability I was discharged from the US Army for… medical records and 6+ yrs of detailed therapist notes… taking 5-6 different meds a day…. During my disability hearing in front of the judge I had one of the worst panic attacks I've ever had…. and with all of that I was still denied SSDI disability.

  14. I miss Joan Lunden and David Hartman on Good Morning America. That is why I do not watch that show anymore. They both were honest and down to earth.

  15. Yea I've had many panic attacks I've never seen one so composed before I wish mine were this calm. They are the worst especially in public.

  16. what a brave exposay…….

    don't be embarassed as someone with first hand experience of a type of ptsd to talk about this is so important. especially the journey around your mind and back to the beginning. I describe it as the round trip collecting answers. your life goes on hold as you explore your own mind and collect solutions and reasons for what is happening and then life begins again where you left off, still yourself but armed with knowlege that makes you stronger, better and more complete as an evolved human being.

  17. This is the biggest bunch of shit ever basically saying ignore your mind and thoughts and just do as you please and live the life you want to live. Talking about horror and adrenaline at war like what a comparison. Crazy that's all I can say

  18. The fact that there are so many views on this video raises my suspicion that people who don't suffer from a mental illness only clicked on it to see the stereotype they see in movies. The amount of dislikes only confirms this theory that people came here looking forward to watching someone suffer, bask in their own pain, and play into the stereotypical yet very small side of panic attacks and anxiety. This man is not some circus act for you to watch hyperventilate and break down for your own amusement and enjoyment, a video you will pass by and wait for the big show to be over. Only when you see that this type of panic attack this man has is not what you expected or wanted, not cinematic or dramatic whatsoever, you wallow in your own disappointment and click away once his attack is through with. You don't care about his life, you don't care about his book or his message or his journey. You don't give a shit about mental illness because it doesn't affect you- you only want to be entertained. I have been alive for seventeen years and I do not remember a waking moment where I did not soak in my mental illness, feel it seep in through my pores and become each piece of me until it became all of me. This man is a fucking inspiration to all of us with anxiety- he gives us a sense of hope that things will get better someday because we can't see that ourselves. You people, with your clear as day fucking futures, who want to see people like us suffer need to learn that we are not fucking sideshow freaks that you can watch for fun. Mental illness is extremely serious and not something for you to gawk at. This man is phenomenal and I applaud him for how far he has come- he brings me a sense of hope that I would not have otherwise.

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