How You Really Lose Weight

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  1. Buzzfeed trying to act fancy lol. Breakfast is the most important meal, it's not about breakfast calories, but it's important especially if you have school or work in the morning. It gives you energy and can prevent over eating throughout the day. Just don't eat a huge breakfast, but that doesn't mean don't eat breakfast because buzzfeed says so.

  2. So I have been sick for two years and I'm just now starting to get back to work. It is very difficult for me. I have chronic pain and my legs, feet, and back are always killing me at the end of each shift. However I want to start working out again but I don't have enough time/energy to do it. What/how should I work out? Because I can bearly walk after my 8 hour shift. Also I'm starting a healthy eating plan, where I cut out fast food and soda. And try to eat a salad for lunch, smoothie for breakfast, and dinner will be something healthy but yummy. Usually I'm so tired my fiancé and I just say Taco Bell or McDonald's or pizza after work or school. But we will be crock potting our dinners so it should be okay. But the getting into shape is what I'm worried about.

  3. how is buzzfeed allowed to spread this false information…the type of calories you eat is the most important part of losing weight.

  4. i just limited the amount of calories i eat and without doing any exercise i lost 6 pounds in two months. Imagine if i exercised too! instead of 2000 calories i intake around 1400 to 1500 calories a day. i eat breakfast, and lunch, a light snack and dinner. Don't skip breakfast please! even if its just an apple you need something to start your day.

  5. so many uneducated people in this comment section.


    figure out your TDEE. if you want to maintain your wait, eat that many calories a day. if you want to lose, eat LOWER than that number of calories a day. higher for gaining weight.

    yes too much sugar isn't good for you but too much anything isn't good for you!
    I can't believe how many of you are wrong!

    look up "mark haub", a nutrition professor who proved this theory CORRECT by eating a twinkie diet but keeping a CALORIE DEFICIT. yeah eating those foods aren't the healthiest but if you're eating less calories from them than the amount of calories your body burns a day (through various things such as breathing, pumping blood, walking, etc). your body will then get the energy it needs from the excess fat you already have stored! it doesn't matter how many meals a day you eat, what time you eat them, all that matters is your PORTIONS. do your research and you'll understand that this is basic physics.

    of course "professionals" are gonna tell you otherwise because that's how they make their money. there's too many people brainwashed by society nowadays.

    to further prove my point, feel free to drop in to , a forum based on weight loss with thousands of people who have used said method to lose tens and hundreds of pounds.

    if you don't believe me that's a you problem. calories in, calories out is a thing and that's the bottom line.

    rant over! ☺☺☺ tata for now.

  6. WRONG! You wanna lose weight? Cut out sugar. Because it's not on the required Nutrition Facts DV% people (especially in the US) overconsume sugar. What happens then is your body can't convert all of that sugar into energy (thus sugar crashes) and instead, your liver is overworked and isn't filtering it properly, so now your pancreas is turning that sugar into fat for later energy storage. Wanna lose weight? CUT THE SUGAR!

  7. hate eating breads every breakfast,after eating bread or something sweet i ended up binge eating the whole day

  8. I was reluctant to purchase this Weight Loss Green Store Tea product Tea , but after seeing the results, I can say that this has really improved my workout and allowed me to get cut and ripped. Highly recommended! This is the ONLY product that says what it does and actually does it .

  9. This was really interesting! I've always skipped breakfast, unless I plan on eating a bigger breakfast and skipping lunch. Usually, my biggest meal though is either lunch or dinner and that seems to work for me. I think technically when you skip breakfast, you are fasting for so many hours, which I've heard can have some benefits for your health. Whatever! Everyone's different I guess.

  10. as a personal trainer, I'd like to thank buzzfeed for this video! because in 6 months, the people who take this advice will be so frustrated and upset, not just from lack of progress, but from the additional weight gain and other health issues stemming from disordered eating based on your "advice". they'll come running to their nearest gym looking for a trainer! that's not a good thing, either.
    do yourselves a favor people, if you're considering getting healthy, do it the right way. would you cheap out on replacing your car engine or smartphone or anything else "important"? don't cut corners for the most important thing, yourself.
    trainers are worth it when they help you get set up for the long run in all aspects (fitness, nutrition, health, maintenance). find a local gym with good trainers that aren't the big chain globo-gym corps like LA Fitness or Equinox or Crunch, and you'll find someone who does care.

  11. No: from someone who's been there, please read and learn from my mistakes:

    Even if you are successful in losing weight this way, it's very likely to leave you with an anxiety disorder. Yes ANXIETY, not eating disorder (but that too). Trust me, it happened to me. Eating less and exercising more will cause your cells to shrink and release toxins into your blood, some flushed out by urine, but non-water soluble toxins are put back into your cells!You'll be of smaller mass but with a higher concentration of toxins in your body. This contributes to anxiety disorders, heart palpitations, and just foggy thinking in general. Please, people, having anxiety is the WORST. Moreover, even without the anxiety, getting thin this way is not even healthy or sustainable (anybody's weight yo-yo-ing out there?).
    Look, to lose weigh the right way, try a HIGH carb, unlimited calorie, low sodium, low fat vegan diet. You can check out Freelee the Banana Girl here on Youtube, she knows her stuff. I am currently working to regain the 20 pounds I lost because gaining the weight back is the only way your body can get rid of the toxins correctly. Then, your weight will naturally go down the healthy way, and I PROMISE YOU, you will be the leanest, healthiest, fittest, most energetic person you have ever been in your life.

  12. You have to cut sugar, cut fatty foods, eat only a small amount of carbs like don't eat so much rice, bread, pasta etc and exercise at least 4-5 times a week. You'll see a big difference in just 2 weeks if you don't cheat. You're welcome.

  13. they gave a great general over look for people but the truth is that breakfast is key. Their are alot of TINY details they left out such as having a hardy breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism. Basically this video left out the hidden key in losing fat , our metabolism. I used to honestly be addicted to food then i started to count all my calories and eat healthier. I still eat alot but i stack my plates with veggies or fruits whenever i can. Anytime i go to a fast food restaurant, order grilled chicken/seafood/steak/turkey with as much vegetables as you can. Stay away from cream/mayo based things such as cheese, alfredo, ranch, blue cheese, caesar, thousand island, special sauce, chick fil a sauce etc… , try not to eat any fried foods because the calories will stack up super fast. Basically live your day each day with a certain amount of calories to go thru. lets say i have 1800, just count down EVERY SINGLE THING . even if you have a small snack size kit kat, mark it down. every calorie counts. either get my fitness pal or a notebook and mark down every food you have so you can see and you should be able to calculate your progress yourself. It takes time and hardwork. people go to the gym and do hours of cardio when weight loss and muscle gain is made in the kitchen and rest.

  14. you can still loose weight by eating a big mac a day as long as you are in a calorie deficit. sure the macro nutrients will be definitely different than 1800+ calories of "healthy" food. as long as you are in a calorie deficit, you can loose weight

  15. I dunno, I think people shouldn't skip breakfast coz its unhealthy ( I guess?) but what this video says might be true bcoz I never eat breakfast and I eat big dinners but I'm skinnyish and don't get fat from eating big dinner, (my friends always ask me why I eat so much and still skinny). Dunno, might be metabolism as well tho.

  16. Your glucose level is the lowest in the morning, so it you want to be able to function accordingly then just eat breakfast. Don't skip it.

  17. As someone who has actually studied the chemistry behind human metabolic reactions, I believe I have the credentials to say that it is a bit more complicated than that.

  18. It's funny how buzzfeed posts this meanwhile posting other shot about how body shaming is bad and to be proud of your body etc etc like I know it's good to be healthy either way but seriously ironic

  19. This is so inaccurate it hurts. YOU CAN HAVE AS MANY CALORIES AS YOU LIKE, BUT KNOCK OUT MEAT AND DAIRY! Go on over to Freelee's Chanel because this is really bad

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