History’s Craziest Diet Trends

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  1. My thoughts during this vid:
    1. The chewing diet isn't wayyy too bad because it's helping with digestion and not eating too much
    2. The Twinkie diet sounds like my diet already 😂

  2. Tried this product at work instead having my usual afternoon coffee and found that it really worked! I felt energized and ready to tackle the rest of my day after taking Weight Loss Green Store Tea. Will definitely recommend to my friends!

  3. I need to say the Twinkie diet was an experiment done by a scientist. He never said calorie intake was more important than nutritional value. He just wanted to know what would happen if he just ate desserts. In fact it wasn't just Twinkies. He also ate Ding Dongs,Brownies, Little Debbies etc. The man also said know one should go on this diet

  4. On the thumbnail, it looked like marshmallows.
    I was like "yaaay, a marshmallow-based diet !"
    Turned out to be cotton balls.
    I'm sad now.

  5. The HCG diet is considered crazy? Weird. I tried it, you definitely loose weight, but as soon as you stop doing it all of it comes right back. Don't know why they put bread in the image either, since you can't actually eat that on the diet, lol. (and taking shots daily really gets on your nerves)

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