Good Diets To Lose Weight Fast

If you’re looking for a diet, there’s a good chance you’re interested in good diets to lose weight fast. But before jumping into a diet that you think might match that description, there are 3 questions that I think it is wise to ask yourself:

1. Is losing weight fast the best way?

There are certainly advantages to losing weight fast.

Most diets are relatively painful. You deprive yourself of something or other. So, the quicker you can lose your weight, the less of that pain you’ll have to endure, so goes the logic.

But what if that fast weight loss is not the best way to lose?

2. When I stop the diet that I’m considering going on, am I going to gain the weight right back?

Most diets that are recommended for rapid weight loss are diets that can’t be continued as a lifestyle. It’s designed to stop after a certain point.

The problem with most of those diets is that when you do stop them, you have not trained yourself to eat in a healthy manner, and literally 99 times out of 100, you not only gain back the weight you’ve lost, but you gain extra weight as well.

If you diet in such a way as to have rapid weight loss, but you go back to your normal eating with the intention of “cutting back”, this process starts all over again in storing fat in your body.

3. Is it possible, then, that a diet for losing weight fast is not really a good diet after all?

I believe the answer is yes.

A diet for rapid weight loss which is usually synonymous with “crash diet” is simply one where you deprive yourself of something temporarily through starvation or the simplicity of eating only one type of food, and then when you can’t stand it anymore, or even if you’ve gotten to the weight you desired, you stop the diet and gain the weight back.

So, instead of looking for good diets to lose weight fast, look for the only good diet in which you eat the right whole foods, including meats and vegetables and fruits, and can maintain it for a lifetime without starving and without the bother of counting calories or carbs or grams.

Source by Terry Rayburn

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