Do Diet Tricks Work?

Take this short quiz and see how your knowledge of diet tricks compares with the expert’s advice on how to get and stay slim!

If you look on the web or ask your friends and family you’ll likely discover lots of tricks for losing weight. Dieting has become so popular that you’ll often find a diet book or two listed in the best selling books on many of the popular bookstore web sites. Obesity is a real problem for many people in our world. In the United States, over 58 million Americans are overweight, with 40 million considered obese. And, this problem is not just limited to adults. The obesity rate in children is also growing at an alerting rate.

But are there easy and less painful tricks that really help one lose weight? To learn which methods work, test your knowledge with this simple quiz. Answer each statement as true or false.

1. Eating before meals can result in less total food intake? T or F

2. If you eat slowly, you will likely eat less? T or F

3. Periodic starving is a good way to lose weight? T or F

4. It is possible to lose weight without seeing much change in your weight scale reading? T or F

5. Dietetic or low sugar foods are lower in calories? T or F

6. Low-calorie breads are generally lower in calories than regular bread? T or F

7. The juice from roasted meat should be avoided? T or F

8. Low-fat 2% milk has much less fat than regular milk? T or F

9. Regular ice cream has many more calories than low fat ice cream? T or F

10. Reducing salt intake will help one lose fat faster? T or F

11. The method used to prepare food can have some bearing on reducing calorie intake? T or F

12. The meal-in-a-can drinks can help one lose weight? T or F

13. Occasionally, consuming a large amount of alcohol can cause a fast weight gain? T or F

14. Smokers have a tendency to gain weight when they stop smoking? T or F

15. Clubs, salons, and support groups can help one lose weight? T or F

16. The 100-calorie packs help dieters lose weight? T or F

Well, how do you think you did? The answers to the sixteen questions are below.

Answers: 1. T, 2. T, 3. F, 4. T, 5. F, 6. F, 7. F, 8. F, 9. F, 10. F, 11. T, 12. T, 13. F, 14. F, 15. T, 16. F

Source by Gerald Sheppeard

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