Do Celebrity Diets Work?

Many people are interested in knowing how to lose weight. One component of weight loss is to know how to lose body fat.

We often see how glamorous celebrities are, striding down the red carpet in fabulous bodies that many would die for. They definitely seem to know how to lose body fat. Of course, many celebrities come up with their own “how to lose body fat formulas” and there is always something new and different with each celebrity.

But is their diet trustworthy? Would it actually work?

Everyone wants to know how to lose body fat and get into that pair of skinny jeans or that beautiful dress. Since we know how embarrassing those extra fats hanging around us can be. So, we’re going to break some celebrities weight loss formulas down to see if they actually work. This way, there’s no need for you to waste your time and concentrate on methods that would help you to lose weight fast.

Now, one of the many famous diet is the macrobiotic diet where no meat, eggs or any dairy products is all. There are people who thinks that this is the fastest way to lose weight. This is actually a strict vegan eating regime which is not suitable for everyone. First of all, if you were to dive into this how to lose body fat method and not know anything about nutrition, you might get sick. Without knowledge of nutrition, you will not know which vegetables you need to obtain your protein from. The lack in protein would be detrimental to your body, especially for the children, growing teenagers and young adults.

Also, if you’re a meat-eating-loving person like I am, it would be difficult for you to adjust to the sudden change. The sudden lack of meat in this case would probably result in you binging on some fried chicken after a few days. Unless you already love your veggie, this how to lose body fat method is difficult to follow and may even hurt your health if you don’t know what you are doing.

Another famous “how to lose body fat formula” is to eat fruits-only for three days. This is a total waste of time. Perhaps it would detox your body, that’s if you don’t starve to death. Also, the same problem with the macrobiotic diet occurs. You would probably end up binging after three days. Not only that, the two diets mentioned are so extreme that if you do not know what you’re doing, you might end up in hospital with severe health issues!

Lastly, some celebrities claim that by using certain products such as special candy or milkshake before bedtime, you would be able to lose weight as your dream, letting you attain the easy and quick weight loss goal. That so far has never been able to be proved medically and if you were to look closely at the price tags of the products, they don’t come cheap!

So when you hear about new and upcoming “how to lose fat fast formulas”, take a step back and digest the information before diving in immediately. Otherwise, you will only be wasting your time, effort and lots of money. Not to mention the risk of damaging your health.

Source by Grace T Chen

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