Diet & Weight Loss: Your Weight Loss Funnies Laugh Your Way Through To Weight Loss (exercise tips, healthy living,weird diets,celebrity diets)

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Looking at the Lighter side of dieting

This unique diet book looks at unusual and far out diets that many have tried. It also allows you to laugh while trying to diet. We all know that dieting can be stressful. In the attempt to lose those unwanted pounds, we will go to great lengths to shed them. We will try the newest and greatest fad diet that is on the market and there are many out there willing to capitalize on our desire to look good. Popular options such as fasting, diet chopsticks, weight loss lollipops (unsure of how a lollipop would work…but you never know), or a surgical patch application on your tongue are very popular.
Coincidentally, because the ‘beach body’ is a very popular notion today, a notion I have tried to obtain and have failed many many times, everyday brings with it a new crop of weird weight loss diets. One such nutty method called the ‘slimming sunglasses method’ involves donning glasses designed to change the color of food and possibly make it unappetizing. There is no shortage of ‘quack’ weight loss dietary trends. Hmmm, this won’t work for me, I would just close my eyes anyway.
This is the book for you, a book that will help you laugh your way through that stressful time of dieting.

This is some of the things you will find inside

  • Weird fad diets
  • Celebrity diets
  • Exercise ideas
  • funny quotes
  • and much more

Don’t wait, get this book for only $0.99!!

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