Celebrity Diets: 50 Fast Weight Loss Diets Used by Celebrities and Hardcore Dieters

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If you’d like to know about popular diets used by famous celebrities to lose weight and stay fit and thin, then this fascinating new book from bestselling author Jennifer Jolan will show you how.

The book is called:

Celebrity Diets –
50 Fast Weight Loss Diets Used by Celebrities and Hardcore Dieters

And it covers the top 50 diets most used by celebrities and hardcore dieters, including what’s good about them, what’s bad about them, and how to use them to lose weight.

Here are just a FEW of tips inside:

  • A secret way of using your morning cup of coffee to shed fat. (Just do this right BEFORE drinking your coffee and watch what happens!)
  • A little-known diet that allows you to eat as much as you want and still lose weight.
  • The hidden dangers of “calorie counting” you’ll never hear in the popular media.
  • How reducing your fat intake can lead to massive weight GAIN!
  • The single best way to fix a high cholesterol problem without using statin drugs.
  • Why drinking most kinds of milk is almost as dangerous as drinking poison. (And a 100% “safe” kind of milk that tastes better and is extremely healthy – No, it’s not soy!.)
  • A special apple cider vinegar that reduces acid levels and ramps up your metabolism to burn more fat. (Take a cap full of this exact brand of apple cider vinegar and watch the fat fly off over time.)
  • Why aerobic exercises can HURT your fat loss. (Millions of women do aerobics daily and wonder why they’re getting fatter. Here’s the answer…)
  • How to FORCE your body to absorb far more of the nutrients in your foods than you’re absorbing now. (Which will make you healthier and thinner!)
  • Why “vegan” diets are NOT the weight loss miracle people think they are. (And why they can send you to an early grave!)
  • How eating beef can improve your heart and cholesterol health. (Just make sure it’s this exact kind of beef… and that red meat is actually GOOD for you.)
  • The hidden “pitfalls” in Oprah and Dr. Oz’s popular “YOU On A Diet” program. (Be careful. If you follow their advice before reading this book, you could GAIN weight.)
  • Why skim milk should be avoided like the plague if you’re overweight. (Hint: There’s a reason dairy farmers feed calves skim milk to fatten them up!)
  • 7 “super foods” that can ramp up your metabolism and burn off fat FAR faster than usual.
  • The 3-week plan used by one of Hollywood’s most popular trainers to get her clients in shape — fast!
  • How to “self diagnose” food allergies. (No need to spend a bundle of money on expensive kits and tests — just go to the store, grab these 2 ingredients and follow these simple instructions.)
  • When NOT to eat a lot of fiber! (Fiber is great for weight loss, you read this first, otherwise your stomach will reject it all. See inside for details…)
  • A popular “vegetable” that is basically like eating a big lump of sugar! (People think it’s healthy, but this food really WILL go right to your hips.)
  • What the Bible says about eating for health and weight loss.
  • Diets that let you “cheat” and still lose weight? (Yes, this is possible, here’s how…)
  • The #1 diet most-loved by Hollywood stars. (Chances are your favorite movie star does this to stay thin, now you can use it, too.)

Dozens of fat loss tips, warnings, and insights are in this book!

You can use some of these diets “as is”, or mix and match the good ones and incorporate them into your current weight loss plan.

Bottom line?

To know what celebrities and hardcore dieters are doing for weight loss, this book shows you.

Download your copy today and get that “Hollywood body” faster than you thought possible…

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