Celebrity Dieting

Celebrity dieting includes a wide range of weight loss programs successfully tried, tested and recommended by Hollywood stars. Though they are marked with several variations, they offer highly effective results.

Many celebrity diets involve high protein food. Others include grapefruit dieting and acai berry loss of weight programs. Low calorie, instant and effective diet solution is a common theme in all celebrity weight programs.

Unlike other diets, celebrity dieting doesn’t leave you weak and fatigued. It promises a weight loss of eight to thirteen pounds in the first two weeks. They strictly discourage processed foods such as soft drinks, snacks and breads.


Celebrity dieting brings the art of science and food together. Every celebrity weight loss program comprises of five small meals – lunch, breakfast, dinner, bedtime snack and afternoon snack.

Each meal contains a balanced ratio of 30 percent fats, 40 percent carbs and 30 percent protein. Celebrity weight loss meals are easy to prepare, great to taste and convenient to follow.

Celebrity weight loss is effective when consumed with least 80 ounces of water each day. Water not only keeps you hydrated, but also curbs hunger pangs. Besides, it also flushes out unwanted toxins and waste from the body.

Unique Points

Celebrity dieting introduces discipline in your approach towards body fat. It helps you to battle stress and pressure well. Celebrity dieting, when combined with moderate exercises and yoga, prevents weight regain issues.

Celebrity weight loss programs have brought smiles across the faces of millions of followers. They have helped fight obesity and weight issues successfully. Celebrity diets, when followed diligently, not only tone your body, but also make you look great.

If you seek a serious personality makeover, opt for a celebrity weight program and watch your confidence soar. It changes the way you perceive yourself.

Source by Kathy Mercado

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