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Looking to lose weight? Well then here are some of the latest celebrity diet tips secrets around, and after reading about just some of them it’s no wonder why they can end up looking so unhealthy.

None the less, you can lose weight with these diets, however beware – nutritionally your body won’t be fuelled correctly and most of your weight loss with come from water stores your body is using up because of that malnutrition.

Diet #1: Cookie diet

This is an excellent diet if you can sustain eating just 4 cookies per day, which substitutes for breakfast and lunch. But hey you get to eat a healthy dinner, which is great. So if you like to swap a nice healthy bowl of your cereal with milk and fruit (for breakfast) and a hearty chicken filled wrap (at lunch) for a biscuit or two, go for it. Just don’t eat the whole pack of cookies at once!

Diet #2: The Low to No Carbs diet

Some celebrities swear by the low carb diets, now whilst this can work quite effectively. It’s important to know about the timing with this one. A lot of celebs won’t munch down carbs after 3-4pm. Then there are the celebs or models that just don’t do carbs at all – this one is excellent if you don’t have a brain to feed.

I don’t recommend the “no carbs” ethos, but if you’re going to cut the carbs best time to do so would after 6pm (around 4 hours before bed time). Even 4pm can be slightly to early as that’s when you can generally have mid afternoon slumps where your body is craving some kind of blood sugar to get you through to dinner. So snack on something healthy, such as a piece of fruit.

Obviously, 8 glasses of clean water per day is a given if you’re watching your diet, but another tip if you attempting the low carb diet is drink more than 8 glasses of water per day. Water can actually give you a lot of energy and a lot of the time your hunger pangs can be satisfied with some water.

Be warned though, this diets can cause hunger pangs throughout the day! Most celebrity diet tips secrets will be based on methods where you eat a lot less calories than your body’s daily requirements (around 1800 calories for women, 2000 for men).

If you find yourself attempting some of these crazy diets, I almost guarantee you will end up eating much more than when you started, which can often be the case when you starve yourself for to long. Celebrity diet tips really are temporary solutions to a bigger challenge, I would suggest learning what really works, permanently.

Source by Roger Ruzzier

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