Celebrity Diet Secrets

From Mariah Carey to Kirstie Alley, here are five celebrities who slimmed down this year, sharing their diet secrets with “Extra”!


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  1. for a while now I've been pushing the masai diet. ┬áThe Masai are a people in Kenya who are famous for living only on products from the cow: ┬ámilk; beef; and blood that they extract from their cows without killing them. ┬áThe Masai also follow an important rule: ┬á"If a man eats meat and drinks milk on the same day, he is a glutton." ┬áTherefore every day, I, who follow the diet, have to choose whether it will be a milk day or a meat day (so far I haven't found a source for blood.) ┬áWhile I like meat, I prefer milk, so basically I've been living on fluid milk products for the last six years. ┬áMost days I drink perhaps a gallon (3.5 liters) of some kind of milk, usually skim, and that's all I eat or drink. ┬áSometimes I have some cream, or half and half, or some other kind of milk: ┬á1%, 2%, or whole. ┬áI have done very well on this diet, I am six feet, one inch and this morning weighed 147 pounds. ┬áOn my last physical, my PCP told me I am in the top 3% of people my age healthwise, which I attribute to the diet (my PCP is very aware of my diet.) ┬áI believe this diet would be excellent for everyone, particularly the milk part, and am particularly interested to see if the diet, especially the milk part, might help people with various diseases, including biggies like cancer and AIDS, and have been pushing the medical establishment to test it.´╗┐

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