Celebrity Diet – Raw Organic Super Foods

We have to thank celebrities such as Sting from the band The Police, David Bowie and Canadian rocker Bif Naked, actresses Demi Moore, Angela Bassett, Lisa Bonet and Alicia Silverstone, actors Robin Williams, and Woody Harrelson, designer Donna Karan and Chef Charlie Trotter. We have to thank them for helping promote one of the healthiest lifestyles on our planet today. We have to thank them in promoting raw food diet.

Raw food diet is a lifestyle that encourages us all to eat un-processed, un-cooked and organic foods. Examples of these foods offer a selection of that includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, and non- pasteurized dairy products. However, if you thought that those foods are boring then you have not heard of superfoods yet.

Superfoods are foods high in phytonutrient contents, antioxidants, anthocyamins, vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. They are also raw meaning that they are un-cooked. And they are also organic meaning that they have never been touched by pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Superfoods are very clean and safe. They are also very delicious. Just check these raw organic superfoods.

One of the tastiest superfoods is of course, Sacred Chocolate. This a type of chocolate that is a pure whole bean chocolate bar that has cacao contents of 70%, 80%, 90%, 99% and 100% cacao. Is a bronze winner of the 2007 International San Francisco Chocolate Salon for best organic chocolate and the Best Organic or Fair Trade Chocolate at the 2008 International San Francisco Chocolate Salon. Look out for this chocolate for it is destined to be the world’s finest chocolate.

Another very delicious superfood is Tibetan Goji Berries. In fact they are so delicious that you can have it as snack straight out of the bag. And you can also add them to cereals and tea. But these berries are just not delicious, it can also help the body with strength-building and sexual potency.

Then Tibetan Goji Berries also contains powerful probiotics. It help strengthen the immune system, increase energy, reduce fatigue, reduce the effects of free radicals, engender a sense of well-being and optimism and help curb appetite and over-eating. Rare are the foods who are both delicious and nutritious. That is why Tibetan Goji Berries is very special.

Here’s another shocker to the superfood world. One of the very delicious and powerful of them too is Fruity Cacao. This is delicious, because it is still a chocolate bean covered in its luscious fruit pulp. It is powerful because it has got 14 times more antioxidants than red wine and 21 more times than green tea. Rare is the food that has got taste and nutrition all wrapped into one. We have to thank raw organic superfoods. They have combined taste and nutrition. They have made raw food dieting more exciting and more tempting. Enjoy!

Source by Paul S Fitzgerald

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