Celebrity Crash Diets

Celebrities are known to use crash diets as a way to quickly get back in shape and lose weight for their next major event or film. Many ‘mere mortals’ are now beginning to follow suit and are following these diets as a quick way to shed those extra pounds. While celebrity crash diets often provide quick results, they need to be used with care. You need to understand that even though you want to lose weight, your body requires certain vitamins and nutritional components to stay healthy.

Popular Celebrity Crash Diets

Most crash diets will typically focus on one specific thing that will supposedly help you to lose weight. Two popular diets are the grapefruit diet and the cabbage diet. When you use these diets, you eat these foods alone for a set number of days or meals. Another popular diet is the carb diet, where you eliminate all or most of the carbs from your diet. Not all diets are focused on the foods consumed alone; some also stress on exercise as an important factor for weight loss.

Are there any Benefits to a Crash Diet?

Crash diets can provide instant results within a week or two in most cases. Some people have been known to lose over ten pounds in a single week. Using these diets for a short period can be a great way to kick off a healthy diet plan or to shed those last few pounds. Some people need to see instant results for motivation to continue on the right track. When followed up by a long term diet and exercise program, these diets can put you on track for long term success.

The Risks You Should Consider

While these diets can be very effective for weight loss, they also have certain risks you should consider. If you eat a no-carb diet, your body can become very weak since carbohydrates are your main source of energy. Eating a liquid diet or fruit and vegetable diet can provide you with vitamins, but may cause you to not have enough proteins or iron in our diet. You need to have a balanced diet that can provide all the essential nutrients you require. Many conditions are caused by lack of nutrients, so these diets should not be used for a long term solution.

The Better Choice for Weight Loss

Most dietitians and physicians recommend that you use a healthy diet low in fats and sugars in conjunction with exercise if you want to lose weight. In the long run, this is the safest and most effective way to lose weight and to keep it off.

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