Americans Try British McDonald’s

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  1. i think that girl with the brown hair is so annoying british ppl are different to americans we don't have to have thin pieces of bacon and we don't have the order of the egg and sausage mc muffin the same as americans

  2. Why does that brunette have to always be so annoying when she said come on England it really got on my nerves like what the heck. Most of your food is made of fat and chemicals come on America that's why half your population is obese!

  3. I hate it when they say England and just forget about Northern Ireland and Scotland like I'm Scottish and i live in Britain I also live in my home country see YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ENGLISH TO BE BRITISH

  4. Yep half the stuff you put in your food is banned here, I remember having chicken nuggets and chips in MCDonald's in Canada and immediately noticing the difference in taste.

  5. I want to pinch that girl with the brown hair really bad 😡😡 She acts like she invented food and like she is superior than British people, and she even doesn't know what she is saying 😡😡

  6. Americans shouldn't judge an Espresso because they don't actually serve it in the US. Only Espresso shots, which do NOT taste like real Espresso at all. I've once went to a Starbucks Drive Thru, tried to order one and literally had to go inside the coffee shop and show them how to make one. xD Don't get me wrong: I love the big portions, usually tasty food & free refill in the US. BUT: In lots of European countries, you get food of higher & healthier quality…even if sometimes only due to the fact of smaller portions (& the employees get better wages). Overall I'd say: If you just wanna have something delicous to eat: Go for the US version. If you also care about the stuff around the food experience: Go for European fast food.

  7. England? You the mean THE UK. The term British encompasses four countries / states – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It always amazes me how ignorant Americans are.

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