Americans Taste International Alcohols

Licorice Liquors only sound like a good idea. Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Share on …


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  1. You're supposed to drink Rakı in a long glass, and it's supposed to filled up to the top with 50% water 50% rakı.
    It's supposed to turn white when you mix it with water. And you're supposed to cry about the women who broke your heart as you drink it XDDDDD.

  2. Everyone throwing up over the Fernet but I'm Italian so that's just another walk in the park for my family.
    "Have a stomach ache?"
    Here's a shot of fernet.
    "You graduated? Come celebrate!"
    Here's a shot of Fernet.
    "It's 4:00 on a Sunday afternoon?"
    Here's a shot of Fernet.

  3. Buzzfeed food & alcohol taste test are my FAVORITE VIDEOS TO WATCH. It make me giggle through out my work day.. THANK YOU for sacrificing your tummies & getting DRUNK in the middle of the day..

  4. Just try pure ethanol. I mean 96-degree alcohol. It's like a piece of lava swallow)
    And then you are very warm inside.
    From Russia with love ! 8)
    Главное, водичкой потом не запивайте, а то развезёт )))

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