A Look Beyond Celebrity Diets

Celebrity and their diets have always been a popular topic for discussion among all of us. When we talk about maintaining the perfect figure we look up to these celebrities for their heavenly bodies. Though most of us envy such a wonderful body but seldom realize that to bring the body to that perfect shape involves a lot of hardwork with regular exercises and a well planned diet. Celebrity diets have always been talk of the town and almost every one of us tries to reach that level of fitness. Though in recent times, Celebrity diets are being peddled by a lot of con artists who rarely know what it means!

Is there a definition of Celebrity diets? No.. but here is a lose try – Celebrity diets are referred to those diets which are apparently used by or highly advised by Hot Hollywood stars, singers and celebrities. Most of the glamour industry magazines concentrate on speculating on which celebrity is eating what. There may be variations in these celebrity diets but the thing which is common to all these diets is that they all make a guarantee to make the person lose weight quickly. Bear in mind these are targeted a people who want to resemble their favorite actor or actress. Celebrity diets include meals which are high in protein. They also include a lot of fiber in their diets. Fiber rich foods are easily digestible and give body the strength required without adding calories.

Is it easy? Considering the hype, it does appear so, but have a look deeper and think if how “sustainable” it is… Jennifer Aniston follows the Zone diet loosely in that she says cheating is necessary at times. Jenifer Lopez survives on eating eight mini meals. Mandy Moore consumes only coleslaw in place of mayonnaise and cheese. Demi Moore a famous Hollywood star drinks herbal tea to suppress her appetite along with a lot of protein in her diet. Tori Spelling likes the taste, variety and convenience of the celebrity diet.

Some celebrities like Julia Roberts, allegedly, eat food on blue plates while at home as it is believed to be less stimulating for the appetite. Jennifer Hudson on the other hand gives all the credit to her strict diet regime of cranberry juice and down fat, high protein diet which helped her shed 25 pounds. Above we saw numerous examples of how celebrities maintain their fitness.

Whilst this is possible, bear in mind, that there are far too many unreliable peddlers of this- to make it easy! Even if it is possible, the sustainability is a big question- and before you jump into this, be sure to have a strict regimen over a few months that you will follow – if you want to make it successful. Setting targets for themselves and accordingly monitor their performance over the timeframe is a good way to go.

So if you are convinced you want to turn into a Julia Roberts, or Jennifer Aniston, be clear to set clear goals & then all the best… may the best figure turn out on you.

Source by Haja S Sheriff

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