5 Top Celebrity Endorsed Diets

Many people today are concerned with losing weight. While there are many diets available, it is nice to see one that works for another person before making the choice to follow the eating plan for yourself. Since celebrities are in our lives almost constantly through television and the internet, it is easy to see their perfect bodies and wonder how they maintain them. Here are five of the top celebrity endorsed diets.

1. Home Delivered Meals

These programs are favorites among the celebrities. With these diets, the participant does not spend the day wondering what he or she will eat next. Meals are prepared at an offsite kitchen and delivered to the home or place of work, hot and fresh. Favorite home delivered meals diets include:

  • Freshology
  • eDiets
  • Diet to Go
  • Bistro MD

While these diets are probably the most expensive, they allow for healthy eating when time is short.

2. Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade diet became popular as Beyonce selected it as her method of losing weight for a role on Dream Girls. This diet is a modified fast, where the participant drinks a lemonade mixture for up to ten days to lose weight. The lemonade consists of lemons, maple syrup and organic cayenne pepper. It is said to speed the metabolism and provide detoxifying properties. Beyonce used this diet to drop 20 pounds in the ten-day period.

Popular Detox Diets include:

  • The Master Cleanse Diet (The Lemonade Diet)
  • Martha’s Vineyard Diet
  • Liver Cleansing Diet
  • Hallelujah Diet
  • Raw Food Diet

3. Low-Carb Diets like the Zone

Jennifer Aniston, along with other celebrities attribute their ability to maintain a healthy body to lowering the carbs in the diet. Aniston uses the Zone diet, which allows the participant to eat only a certain percentage of each food group for the day.

Popular Low-Carb Diets include:

  • The Zone Diet
  • The Atkins Diet
  • The South Beach Diet

4. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers allows the dieter to count points. In addition, the dieter can meet with a support group, either in person or online once per week for a weigh in and support. Weight watchers offers many recipes that can help with success as well as prepared foods that are available in the freezer section of one’s favorite grocery store.

5. Jenny Craig

Mariah Carey’s favorite diet for getting back in shape after giving birth to twins was Jenny Craig. Those on the Jenny Craig system have meals delivered to their home in frozen or vacuum-sealed containers. The foods must be heated, but are in portion-sized containers that make it easier to limit one’s food intake.

If you want to deal effectively with a weight problem, you might consider one of these diets often selected by the stars. While there are many plans available, it is nice to choose one that you have seen work well for another person.

Source by AJ Camp

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