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Have you ever had a skinny friend who can eat everything he/she wants and still not gain weight? Does it make you feel very frustrated that you, on the other hand, no matter how little you eat, can’t seem to lose any of the extra pounds?

Sounds unfair, doesn’t it? But yes, there are lucky ones who are blessed with the fast metabolism gene. On the other hand, there are the unlucky ones, like you and me, who may have inherited a sluggish metabolic rate.

Most people think that when you have a slow metabolic rate, you must eat only as much calories as your body can use. But a slow metabolism is only half the picture.

The amount and the quality of the food you eat also affect your body’s fat-burning abilities. If you eat more calories than what your body can burn and are living a sedentary lifestyle, then the result is the unused energy gets stored in your body as fat. Additionally, if you eat too much unhealthy food or eat inadequately by skipping meals, your body does not get the right amount of vitamins and minerals that it needs to burn the fats, such as magnesium and iron, which not only support but also boost metabolic rate.

No wonder why diets that emphasize only exercise or focus only on calorie intake seldom work. Some diets even stress almost starving yourself just to lose the extra pounds. You are not doing yourself any favors at all. You are only stripping away the nutrients and disrupting the hormones that your body needs to effectively metabolize the food you eat.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, your sex, age, and body size and composition are also factors that affect the rate at which your metabolism works.

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